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Protect and Improve Yourself With Our Martial Arts Training

If you want to gain confidence and discipline, martial arts is an excellent way to get started. At Urban Combative Martial Arts we offer classes in San Rafael, California to anyone interested in learning our fighting system.

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Our Martial Arts System

Since 1994, we have been committed to educating our students in Latosa Escrima. This is a fully transitional system that guides practitioners in utilizing weapons, bare hands, and Filipino boxing methods.

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Teaching Danzan Ryu Jujitsu

This fighting system is a traditional Japanese martial art that relies on skill rather than strength and aggression. When you learn from us, we will teach you comprehensive martial arts skills, from striking and grappling to kicking and joint locking.

Why Train With Us?

Our Martial Arts is a blend of Latosa Escrima, Jujitsu and street self-defense. Our curriculum is designed to provide real, accessible self defense skills to students should they ever need it; to provide an authentic, high level, competitive martial arts experience.

Effective Training

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Empty Hand Training



Speak With Our Team

Our goal is to provide our students with the training they need to master our fighting systems. If you want to try it out, our first two sessions are free. For questions or concerns, contact our team today.