Training Students in the Filipino Art of Latosa Escrima


Latosa Escrima Master and Jujitsu Black Belt
Ryan Neuman instructs the Filipino System Latosa Escrima and Hawaiian Danzan Ryu Jujitsu taught in an approachable way.

Ryan brings his 40 plus years of Martial Arts experience to the mat. I invite you to our No Uniform training environment designed to be engaging to new and old students alike. Our no pressure come as you are attitude blends martial arts with a modern approach to training.

See for yourself how anyone can benefit from our unique blend of Latosa Escrima and Jujitsu.

Ryan Neuman - Head Instructor
Master of Latosa Escrima
3rd Dan Black Belt DZR Jujitsu

Master Neuman at the request of GM Rene Latosa opened UCMA to promote Latosa Escrima.